Does Your Gas Fireplace Need Servicing?

You obviously want to avoid calling in the pros for fireplace service unless it is absolutely necessary. Most people have budgets in place and do not want to bear the expense of service, especially when there are other options. However, failing to call professionals when you need gas fireplace repair denver can cause more damage than it is worth.

Many signs indicate the need for fireplace servicing. It is important to pay attention to your fireplace, looking for signs that indicate the time to call the pros. At the first sign of trouble, request your estimates and schedule service. Not only do you minimize risks when you call for help at the first signs of an issue, you save your pockets, too.

Signs of fireplace trouble include:

·    Yellow pilot light

·    Strong odor of gas that doesn’t go away when the fireplace is turned on

·    Thermostat isn’t working

·    Fireplace turns off before it is ignored

·    Dirty glass panels

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·    Dust, dirt, and debris accumulation on the firebox

·    Clogged vents

These are only some of the many signs that indicate the time to call a professional to service your unit has come. There are many other signs that you should not ignore and make the call for fireplace repair. Make sure to respond to emergencies as they arise. If it is a dangerous situation, professional help is needed.

There are also many issues that can be present with the fireplace that you cannot see. After sitting for the summer, it is possible that there is air in the gas line or that valves or other parts are worn out and need replacing. You may also find the need to adjust the oxygen air sleeve or wall switches. These simple adjustments and replacements save homeowners an abundance of time and hassle.